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Electro Galvanized Iron Wire

Electro Galvanized Iron Wire is also known as electric galvanized iron wire or galvanized steel wire. We produces electric galvanized wire at diameter ranging from 0.14mm to 5.0mm, which can be supplied in the form of coils, spools, U type wire or straightened and cut into tie wire. Electric Galvanized Iron Wire we produce usually goes through standard processes under careful control from steel rod coil, wire drawing, annealing, rust removing, acid washing, boiling, drying, zinc feeding to wire coiling.
Wire Diameter of Electro Galvanized Iron Wire: 0.14mm - 5.0mm. Zinc coating for Electro Galvanized Iron Wire: about 8gram to 12gram. Production Process of Electro Galvanized Iron Wire: Steel rod coil -- Wire Drawing -- Wire Annealing--Rust Removing-- Acid Washing-- Boiling-- Drying-- Zinc Feeding-- Wire Coiling.  


Electro Galvanized Iron Wire
Hot-Dip Galvanized Wire
Zinc Rate
Tensile Strength
Elongation Rate
plastic inside and hessian woven outside,plastic inside and nylon
woven outside
Galvanized Wire Big Coil 
Electro Galvanized Iron Wire
Hot-dip Galvanized Iron Wire
Black Iron Wire 
Black Annealed Wire
single loop bale tie
Wire Tie
Small Coil Wire 
Straight cut Wire
Baling Wire   
U Type Iron Wire
Spool Wire
fencing wire
PVC Coated Iron Wire
barbed wire
razor wire
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